Knowledge Base

A comprehensive, online database of documentation, questions and answers, available at no charge 24x7. More info

Email Support

E-mail your question to the support team. It will be answered at no charge, based on your support contract.

Phone Support

Call us at (800) 410-0886 opt. 2. It's free for customers with support contracts and a small per incident fee for all other customers.

Get Notified

Sign up to get notified about new features and capabilities as well as system issues and scheduled maintenance.

White Glove Service

Let us collect your requirements, make recommendations, and configure Workuments to work for you. Additional fees will be assessed.


The Workuments customer success team is available for an additional fee.

Change Management

Change can be difficult. The Workuments team can assist with change management, which includes getting the organizational buy in, assisting with the implementation, and ensuring the system adoption.

Third Party

Workuments works with a network of resellers and OEM partners that provide direct support for Workuments products. If you bought Workuments through a third party, please contact that third party for support.

Platinum Concierge

Receive the highest level of service from a dedicated, platinum concierge, a senior executive who is always at your service to help you make the most out of Workuments. Available to platinum support customers.