At a Glance

The most powerful time and attendance ever

Hourly, salaried and contracted. Punch in, manual or automated entry. Define Your Perfect Model and watch it optimize your organization.


Tips, bonuses, adjustments, commissions, you name it. General or industry specific. Manual or tied to the workflow. It's beautiful.


Don't stick to a set standard if you don't want to. Define numerous timesheet templates and assign them based on business rules.


Manage and approve expenses. Tie expenses to workflows. Apply rules. Impress your CFO.


Manage employee absence and leave. Set rules. Prevent fatigue. Mitigate risks. Manage FMLA.


Interface with your payroll and general ledger systems. Automate processes.

Time & Attendance

Inspired By The Past. Designed For Tomorrow.

Workuments Time and Attendance software was inspired by Atlantis, the most scientifically advanced city in history. While the inspiration of achievement was borrowed from the past, Workuments was designed for tomorrow and can be enjoyed today. Great design never dies.

Timesheets have been used in its present form for almost 4000 years. Even advances in computing haven't changed the way people track time. Drawing inspiration from both the past and the future, Workuments re-imagined time and attandance tracking using an ultra flexible, multi-dimensional/hierarchical model.

Design your own timesheets around your people and your processes. Add any number of codes, departments, and categories. Create rules. Have it flow seamlessly into payroll.


Create a rule on anything you can imagine. Prevent employees from working if they are non-compliant with your training policy or the onboarding checklist. Don't let employees punch in too early or too late. Prevent buddy punching. Stay out of costly litigations.