At a Glance

The Tools to Recruit Top Talent
Talent needs assessment

Create a custom dashboard with current and future talent needs based on data from different parts of the system.

Create job requisitions

Create unlimited requisitions and templates. Create custom workflows to approve requisitions.

Sourcing candidates

Source candidates from your own custom career page. Publish jobs to external sites. Track applicant traffic and marketing ROI with QR codes.

Screening candidates

Get an overview of every applicant. Share candidates. Collaborate.


Setup multiple levels of interviews. Provide interview feedback. Make informed decisions.

Offer management and on-boarding

Create and Send offer letters electronically. Setup custom compliance criteria for hiring. Onboard with one click.


Rethink Your Talent Pool.

Design your talent pool around your perfect recruitment process and make the talent work for you. Easily find candidates by skills, notes, or specialties. Empower recruiters, managers, and employees. Grow your talent pool through referrals and social networks. Focus on results, not the paperwork.

Go Out There.

Distribute your requisitions through job boards and social media. Run an employee referral program. Perform a pro-active outreach. Execute beautiful talent campaigns.