At a Glance

Performance Evaluations
Performance Evaluations

Design your own templates or upload good old scanned paper.


Develop training plans. Store training records. Measure training effectiveness.


Manage employee standing on the 9box and many other frameworks or design your own.


Design and manage individual career and development plans. Manage success.


Manage cascading goals. Link them to organizational objectives.

Good And Bad

Track awards, kudos, thanks, accomplishments, and incidents. Make them social.


Manage The Future.

Performance evaluations provide a good baseline of the past but it's the future companies need to manage. The Workuments performance and competency management suite helps companies look into the future.


Use a built-in assessment engine or assessments provided by partners to evaluate and benchmark people and jobs. Improve your hiring and personnel development methods. Boost your competency level and reduce costs. Become your competitive edge.