This position manages all aspects of greeter training and front door management for our restaurants. This is a guest facing position and requires significant time during peak periods with the greeter team.   


• Sets the tone in the restaurant for the warmest, most welcoming greet for all guests. Must smile and make eye contact with the guests and a model this behavior to all hourly and management teammates at all times.
• Impeccably and professionally dressed at all times. A model of how the ideal greeter dresses at all times.
• You must “gush” hospitality, friendliness and professional etiquette. You goal is to model what all greeters and managers aspire to be at the front door. Your warmth, generosity and welcoming approach must be evident at all times under all circumstances and under pressure.
• The lead at maximizing reservation revenue in all restaurants. Evaluate daily covers, reservations, slots, VIPs and constant communication with the management teams to ensure we are taking advantage of all possible revenue opportunities. For example, events at MGM impact the National Harbor restaurant while Capital One Center events impact the Penn Quarter location. Ensuring that our book is open/closed as necessary to maximize revenue is a major responsibility.
• Expertise in all aspects of OpenTable and ensure we utilize it to the optimum level.
• Teach, teach and teach. Constantly explaining the why, what and how for how we run our doors. Your success is judged by how well the front door operates run when you are not present.
• managing the waitlist accurately but aggressively, answering the phone, “getting the reservation,” answering guest questions, etc. Must know how to “smile into the phone.” Coach and teach on these items to all greeters.
• Part of the interview process for all Greeter candidates as you are available.
• Constantly working with GM to upgrade our Greeter team to preform and represent a sophisticated, warm and welcoming approach at our doors.
• Follow up with all concierge reservations personally with the concierge(s). Involved in service for all concierge reservations (table touch, ensure chef involved and stops by, ppx delivery, etc.)
• Managing the front door during our busiest meal periods.
• Ensuring all Greeter staff are fully trained in and follow all company standards.
• Ensure that host stand is presentable at all times. This includes menu cleanliness, absence of clutter at host stands, and that greeters are dressed appropriately.
• Review and assist in completing the weekly greeter schedules.
• Minimum of 5 hours per week of creative, planned, organized local outreach to businesses, residential buildings, hotels, etc. a constant presence in our communities to grow our business is a key aspect of this position.
• For new restaurants, you will need to work with our Events Director and perform outreach to all local hotel concierges to ensure they try our restaurants and send their guests our way.
• Outreach to hotels:
o Visiting local hotels and building relationships with the concierges
o Ensuring concierge referrals are communicated with management
o Sending periodic emails to concierges ensuring they have most updated menus and any specialty menus.
• Outreach to local businesses:
o Assist in building our relationships with the local offices and businesses, outreach with promotions and menus.
• Manage OT guest information; ensure all guest information for reservations are communicated to management before going into service. Print OT report before every shift.
• Research and communicate any local events with potential revenue impact with GM to ensure proper forecasting.
• Add notes to the logbook on a daily basis

Qualifications and requirements

• 2-3 years’ experience in special events, restaurant management or business management
• To communicate clearly, effectively and professionally in person as well as via e-mail, fax and telephone to all guests, colleagues and vendors.
• Professionalism at all times and with everyone you come into contact with.
• Excellent grammar in both written and verbal forms.


Knead HD is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
   o KNEAD Hospitality + Design is an Equal Opportunity Employer
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

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