Regional Director of Operations


The position requires someone who enjoys a senior leadership position as multiple General Managers will report to this position. Culinary Directors for each concept as well as the KNEAD leadership team will work closely with this position. Strong organizational and prioritization skills are key, while serving as a mentor and assuming a team-oriented attitude will assure the highest level of success for this position. 


This position will be primarily responsible for:
  • Ensuring a consistently excellent experience for our guests
  • Controlling costs for each restaurant in all controllable areas
  • Enforcement of specs and standards
  • Maintaining an incredible and consistent eye for detail at all times and in all areas of the restaurant
  • Training and development of all teammates
  • Top tier sanitation, food safety/handling and cleanliness practices and procedures
  • Ensuring each team follows all company and restaurant-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Ensuring all R&M is handled with urgency
  • Ensuring all preventive/scheduled maintenance is coordinated with the Business Manager

General Responsibilities:
  • Serve as the liaison between your assigned Restaurants’ leadership team and the main office.
  • Continuous development of teammates to align with KNEAD Core Values/Culture
  • Regularly visit (no less than one full day per week) each restaurant and work with the team, take care of our guests and reinforce our core values throughout your visits.
  • Reinforcement and consistent adherence to the highest-level of food, service, beverage and ambience at all times
  • Communicate with the General Managers and management team on a consistent, if not daily, basis
  • Oversee hiring, training and development of all teammates
  • Full P&L responsibility and focus on achieving budget or better in all controllable categories
  • Clear implementation of team and career development path(s) for teammates at all levels
  • Ensure teammates with purchasing responsibility are aware of and within established budgets for all spending
  • Ensure weekly R&M list is e-mailed to the proper contacts and the items (both long and short term) are being addressed with urgency
  • Perform Manager/Chef Orientations as needed
  • Enforce top tier sanitation and cleanliness practices, including regular training and retraining in all areas
  • Troubleshooting bottlenecks and system breakdowns/challenges in all restaurants. Step in and stabilize restaurants when GM/Team is struggling and/or needs mentoring, or when a particular restaurant requires improvement/attention. For example, this could include OpenTable troubleshooting/revenue building, running the floor, proper restaurant opening/closing, running events, rolling out new standards, etc.
  • Enforce preshift leadership and standards are followed at all times
  • Coordinate with Culinary Directors and Director of Culinary Operations the seasonal menu changes, updating of menu descriptions and staff training of new items (FOH and BOH)
  • Quarterly/Visitation Assessments—Assessment of operational priorities, concerns and issues required within 24 hours. Each report will have an action plan to ensure items are corrected along with a completion/due date. Follow up on these issues during subsequent visits.
  • Marketing— You will coordinate all holiday programming, reservation books, hours of operations, staffing, etc. You will ensure the restaurants are utilizing proper marketing items, including menus, decorations, signage, etc.

  • Promotion and recruitment of teammates throughout the organization
  • Development – You are responsible to ensure the management team in each operation is the best possible. You should be constantly thinking of ways to improve each team as well as KNEAD as a whole. When you do so, review your existing teammates, potential promotions as well as outside candidates. All GMs and ECs should have a weekly meeting/development review with their salaried teammates. This Weekly One-on-One is crucial to our success and ensures our executives are developing the next generation of leaders in our company.
  • All merit increases and promotions require approval from a Principal before offered to the employee.
  • Development of training programs for each position in our organization
  • Work closely with new managers to ensure they are receiving the proper training and meeting company expectations. Proctor and grade Final Exam for GMs and managers. Review Trainees’ performance on a regular basis and approve their graduation from Trainee to Manager status.
  • Ensure annual evaluations for all teammates at all levels are consistently completed and communicated
  • Compliance of all US and State/Jurisdictional labor laws requirements
  • Interview manager and chef candidates and shepherd them through the process
  • Provide counsel to GMs and ECs regarding employee discipline and must be involved in the decision making for all terminations to then be communicated with KNEAD principals.

  • Work with the Culinary Directors and KNEAD leadership to continually improve the culinary program in all areas
  • Ensure our catering and event menus, options, plating and presentation are first-class, current and representative in the market
  • Work with the corporate team to ensure all menus, menu descriptions, event menus, websites and other methods of menu communication are correct, updated and professional

  • Revenue – You are responsible for achieving budgeted revenue each week and period of the fiscal year. You must maintain a global, top-line focus on building revenue at all times. You will constantly compare actual performance against budget and prior year(s) to ensure we are maximizing our revenue growth opportunities. If we are not meeting expectations, you will work to create and implement alternative approaches to achieving revenue goals. If we don’t achieve our revenue goals, it’s important that you know why and have a plan in place to address it.
  • Budgets – We live and die by budgets. You will assist in the development of daily, weekly and annual budgets. You will be evaluated by your ability to achieve and exceed our budgets in all controllable areas on a quarterly basis. It is crucial that you operate with a guest first mentality while concurrently achieving budget in all areas. You must review all reports at your disposal to maintain accountability for fiscal performance while supporting your management teams towards realizing their financial goals.
  • Beverage—With the Beverage Director, you will:
    • ensure all bar recipes are followed to the company specifications.
    • review and approve all beverage inventories.
    • spot check beverage inventories whenever possible and address any inventory/cost level abnormalities with urgency
    • attack negative variances to ensure waste, theft and loss are minimized at all times
  • Control equipment repair expenses
  • Assist in the development of annual budgets
  • Assist in the development of bonus programs and other related employee benefits

New Restaurant Openings (NRO):
  • Develop opening schedule for all new restaurants with KNEAD Leadership/Director of Culinary Operations
  • Serve as POC for all Critical Path items in preparation for NRO
  • Full responsibility of hiring office setup and recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training materials and training agendas
  • Work on site at all new restaurant openings for as long as required to ensure a proper transition to new management team
  • Plan and execute non-NRO initiatives and support while managing and overseeing NRO operations and deliverables
  • Coordinate with all departments to create and maintain a schedule of activities leading up to and supporting the opening of each new Restaurant
  • Ensure the highest levels of training standards at all NROs
  • Create and maintain a strategy for handling all planned growth and adapt as needed when growth plans change or when presented with new Company initiatives or priorities
  • Manage the proper execution of all Culinary NRO processes, systems and standards
  • Manage all culinary-related administrative tasks associated with each NRO before, during, and after the
  • opening in a timely fashion
  • Lead development, Manager support/coaching, Trainer development and employee coaching
  • Set, operate, communicate and adhere to pre-opening budgets and enforcement

Qualifications and requirements

  • BS degree preferred
  • 5+ years’ experience running large restaurants and preferably multiple restaurants simultaneously
  • Extremely detail oriented
  • ServSafe and TIPS (or similar) certified
  • Proven track record related to training and development of management teams
  • In-depth experience with various service styles
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office and relevant industry software
  • Strong/Stable work history
  • Flexible availability working nights, weekends and holidays and variable schedules, per the needs of the business
  • Bilingual, a plus
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English
  • Polished and hospitable communication skills in both written and verbal formats
  • Strong organizational and communication skills; lead as a role model
  • Ability to lift 30+ lbs. and push a cart weighing up to 100lbs.

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Knead HD is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
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