Responsible for ensuring that the restaurant they lead is managed successfully and with maximum profitably. Adhere to weekly, monthly, yearly budgets.
Accountable for managing FOH employees and assisting the Manager's and Chef's with their needs, and quality of food/beverage/service, cash handling and facility maintenance & repair. Other responsibilities include training, developing and management of all teammates.


Works the floor “hands on” besides servers and in the kitchen during peak hours; greets, seats, takes orders, serves, buses, processes checks and investigates and resolves guest complaints; makes table, front desk and bar visits to engage with guests.
Monitors and controls “ambiance” (music, lighting, temperature, orderliness).
Approaches and talks to guests in friendly social encounter to establish a personal, professional rapport with the guest; promotes the restaurant’s products and services as well as other restaurants in the company.
Directs and coordinates the work of staff in all departments in response to business.
Conducts daily pre-shift meetings, inspections of attire, sections, bars and service areas; inspects equipment, supplies, furniture, machinery and building in compliance with “ambiance” safety, health and sanitation regulations; directs personnel in safety and health prevention measures.
Prints out daily labor reports and cuts the daily staff in response to budgets and daily OT alerts; monitors the operation and expense projections to meet other budgets.
Attends and participates in weekly manager meetings; receives and follows-through on assignments received from the General Manager.
Consistently applies and enforces official company “Priorities” and “Methods” of management.
Accountable for upholding the standards and profitability of the restaurant.
Partner with management to ensure all teammates are adhering to core and cultural values on a daily basis.
Effectively manage all financial transactions, cash handling, and banking deposits. Compile & analyze financial data/reports, and present to supervisor for standard reviews.
Responsible for the restaurant operating in a consistent manner.
Participate in daily pre-shift meetings and help prepare pre-shift documents for each day and week. Ensure staff is engaged in proper service techniques and oversee all service reviews to ensure they are current. Manage process for employees to achieve applicable certifications per role.
Effectively open/close the restaurant via checklist and enforcement thereof.
Control lighting, music, ambience and and interact with guests when “working the floor.”
Review labor reports and approve time worked to ensure payroll is accurate.
Conduct daily beverage line checks.
Attend weekly management meetings to review operations, food costs/inventory, policy/process updates, sanitation, health/fire department inspections, etc.
Support the culinary management team with new menu rollouts, as well as the implementation of any new programs or procedures.
Partner with the restaurant’s management team & chefs to ensure that the standards of food quality, presentation, cleanliness and sanitation are being upheld and all operating procedures are being followed.
Assist in executing successful parties & special events.
Assist in recruiting and oversee the training of all new FOH personnel. Ensure staff has the correct tools to effectively perform their duties Monitor that tools and equipment are properly cared for, and safety guidelines are followed.
Enforce adherence for staff to follow all local/state health, sanitation and fire department guidelines.
Be an active participant in pre shift meetings and provide entire staff with regular continuing education.
Review labor reports and verify time worked to ensure payroll is accurate.
To arrive to work on a timely basis with all the appropriate tools for the job.
Maintain a manicured appearance and persona that reflects our grooming / uniform standards.
Maintain adequate par levels at all times and avoid 86d status for any item.
To protect and adhere to our recipes and service standards.
Communicate regularly with guests in a friendly, hospitable, courteous and service-oriented manner.
Communicate with co-workers cordially and effectively.
Ensure accurate ringing/charge for all items.
Perform calmly and efficiently under pressure.
* While this Job Description reflects the actual functions of existing jobs, the list of “ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS” is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.

Knead HD is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

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