Data we collect

Workuments collects site usage information, which includes audit trails and the list of actions you may perform on the site.

Why we collect the data

We collect data in order to (1)better understand our customers needs, (2)to optimize our site to deliver a better customer experience, (3)to monitor our customer's compliance with terms and conditions of service, (4)to ensure our customer data is safe.

Data sharing

At this time, we do not share any data with anyone for any reason, unless required by law. While we do not have plans to share any data in the future, we reserve the right to do so, as long as we don't break any laws and don't disclose any data that may harm our customers. If we decide to do so, we'll notify all customers in advance and give them an ability to opt-out of our service or ask us not to share their data. While we'll do our best to protect any sensitive data we store, we will not be liable for any disclosures that may occur as a result of hacking, unauthorized access to our systems, break-ins, or other unallowed actions. Our privacy policy may change at any time with or without notice. Please visit this page at least once every 30 days for an update.