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October 7, 2022

Human resources management may be the most difficult thing to manage and stay in compliance with at your organization. New laws and regulations can affect this department more than any other part of a business. Workforce management is even more complex for companies with over 500 employees.

What are the cons of doing HR management manually on spreadsheets and paper? Loss of data, compliance issues, exposure of sensitive employee information, employee mistrust, longer turnaround to employee requests etc.

Industries like manufacturing, healthcare, government, education that have some of the most complex scheduling and workflow rules out there, can complicate the selection of human resource software.

What the best HR software is for you company, might not be for another. Just because one company is using a big-name software vendor and they have about the same number of employees, doesn't mean that it's going to be the best choice for you. HR tasks and employee management might be different at both companies. Hence, HR software solution should be carefully evaluated for your current needs and the needs in the years to come.

Here are the top five questions from HR professionals about human resource software. This article was created by Workuments - Enterprise HR software.

What is human resource software?

Human resource software is an online app that can help you perform every HR function in a more streamlined and easier way.

Think of the reason you are looking for a human resource management software. Most likely you will think of issues with employee experience, a possible mess with employee records, issues evaluating employee performance, automatically calculating and withdrawing funds for employee benefits, etc. The list goes on and on.

Workuments human resource software has the following modules that can help with almost every HR process:

  • Core HR (home to all employee data)
  • Talent Management & Applicant Tracking system
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Rewards
  • Time & Attendance
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Benefits Administration
  • Learning Management
  • Case Manager

What are the features of human resource software?

Human resource software may have the following features:

  • Employee self service

This will enable employees to get their own paystubs, change their benefits, complete evaluations, complete learning courses, adjust their personal information, and even participate in automated workflows that will speed up the work for your HR team. HR system should also allow employees to clock-in and clock-out on the fly, adjust their schedule, and trade shifts.

  • Employee experience & communication

A hot topic among HR professionals today is all around keeping employees happy and improving their experience at the company. Timely and automated communication with your employees can ensure that they receive the latest news from the HR management, understand new policies & procedures, and even stay in compliance with the regulations.

  • Rewards

Workuments HRM software can also come with a custom rewards system that you can define. Employee experience can be elevated using rewards to make them feel appreciated and create a further desire to perform well at your company. As an example, an HR manager can automatically reward those that come on time to work for 3 weeks straight.

  • Employee engagement

Imagine it's your birthday today and you have worked at a factory for the past 25 years. Sometimes nobody pays attention to those small details, however, Workuments HR tool and its employee engagement feature can show a special message from the HR management on the screen as that employee clocks-in in. Even if the HR management is in a different state, the employee can still feel engaged with the highest levels of HR management and feel appreciated.

This would be an example of an HR solution directly engaging with an employee. The possibilities with Workuments are endless, and you can dictate how you want to engage with your employees.  

  • Cloud

Cloud-based HR management software like Workuments will allow you to scale with ease. Having access to any HR data at your fingers anywhere in the world is some of the most powerful features of today's human resources software.

  • Payroll integrations

Sometimes your payroll department will not want to move away from your current payroll provider. That's okay! Workuments got you covered there. All employee data, including payroll data will be stored in one location. You and your employees will never have to log in to the third-party payroll provider to obtain any data. All data will be in one place. That's a huge win-win for everyone in payroll and HR department.

  • Advanced workflows & automations

Human resource management system like Workuments will allow you to transform your manual processes into automated approval workflows. The benefit to that is of course a streamlined process for complex approvals that might take several stakeholders. Advanced workflows extend its functionality to core HR and beyond.

  • Logbook

Sometimes a verbal warning to an employee is not enough in case of a lawsuit. Logbook allows you to record the good and the bad and have witnesses attest to those records to make sure certain incidents stay on file and can be referred to later.

What are the benefits of human resource software?

HR software can help you stay in compliance and on top of your daily tasks. Repetitive tasks can be automated by Workuments and custom approval workflows created to make certain HR processes quicker. These automations and workflows can be streamlined and reported on at any given moment.

Human resource software will reduce the time you spend on paperwork and enable you to focus on exemplifying the company's missions, vision, and values.

Human resources information system is there not to replace you and your job. But to finally enable you to do it.

What does the implementation process look like?

The implementation process of HRMS software is different for each company and depends on customer requirements. Because Workuments is highly flexible and can accommodate almost any customer request, the implementation is done around customer processes rather than the other way around.

The implementation starts off by collecting requirements from the customer. Workuments then designs the best solution to match the customer process. Then demos a custom human resource software solution to get feedback from the customer and make any changes if needed. Finally, after the customer is satisfied with the solution, Workuments deploys it for general use.

Learn more about Workuments and get the best HR software for your business today.

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