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September 2, 2022


Enterprise HR software is created for large companies that have complex needs. At the very least, this enterprise HR system will have the following modules: core HR, talent management, applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, time & attendance, scheduling, benefits administration, learning management, and analytics.

Most human resources software is inflexible. You'll have HR technology that specialize in single areas, perhaps offering two specialties if you're lucky. You're then stuck filling in the gaps, purchasing a separate applicant tracking, performance management, and sometimes even four different systems to make up the difference.

Even with all of those systems, are you still struggling to find the human resource functionality you need? Ping-ponging from software to software is a massive waste of time. HR tasks can slip through the cracks, which in HR management can be the difference between someone receiving a paycheck or not.

With Workuments, Enterprise HR software is transformed into a flexible suite of solutions in an all-in-one program that drives employee engagement. This post will introduce human resources software as a whole and then delve into the multitude of features that Workuments offers.

How Workuments Redefines Human Resources Software

Does your business currently struggle to track employee data? Maybe attendance? Are you looking for an enterprise HR software that suits your company's needs?

Workuments is the best HR software for human capital management. The team at Workuments understands that the people in your company are so much more than data. They're individuals who drive your company's successes forward. Your company needs an HR software solution that's suitable for the unique team of individuals who comprise your company.

Workuments human resource management system has following modules: talent management, and HR software suitable across a multitude of industries. These include K-12, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, energy and utilities, non-profit, public sector, higher education, construction, retail, and hospitality.

Core HR

At the heart of employee experience is Core HRIS which keeps track of all employee data. Within this section of the HR software, you can select from an extensive variety of pre-defined fields (well over 1,000) or choose as many custom fields as you wish. Your company also decides how Core HR interacts with other modules like talent management, employee engagement, benefits administration, and payroll of your choice.

You get to input the systems, select visibility rules, and create automation workflows that suit your business, not the other way around. Guiding you will be an HRIS system concierge. You'll learn to optimize the Core HR system and manage processes via the concierge's recommendations. With this human resources information system, you can select universal access rules that can be edited or revoked at any point. You can even select the level of compliance, such as at a company policy level or more broadly or specifically than that.

Adhoc reporting makes it easy to create any report on the fly and get you real-time analytics.

The Core HR integrates with interfaces aplenty, including most popular payroll systems, and APIs.


Employee management cannot exist without onboarding. When a new employee data goes from applicant tracking system, you want to make the best possible first impression. Workuments makes it possible with its dedicated suite of onboarding features.

You can automate actions and workflows to simplify and unify the onboarding process. Let new hires select the employee benefits that match their lifestyle and needs with our benefits administration feature. Since your company likely uses documents, videos, manuals, and forms when onboarding, Workuments allows you to upload these materials to the system and then replicate them as needed.

With Workuments, you can send your new employees their training materials and have them review and complete the materials outside of work hours. By the time a new employee starts on their first day, they'll be readier to get to work.

To inspire successful onboarding, you can gamify the entire experience with rewards that make onboarding more fun.

Performance and Goals

Who are your superstar employees? Do you do performance management? Are any of your staff members lagging behind in their employee performance? No longer will you have to guess when using enterprise HR software like Workuments.

In the performance management module, you can upload preexisting employee performance tracking templates. To modernize this HR process, you can create your own performance metrics templates and share them with another HR professional within your company.

Augment the above materials with training records and plans that ensure that when employees are trained, the process is effective. Select goals for your company to achieve, then connect them to any ongoing organizational objectives. You can cascade your company goals as well.

When incidents, accomplishments, thanks, kudos, and awards come in, you can share the good and the bad among your team. Celebrate more of your company's successes and learn from mistakes so you can build a better team moving forward.

Time and Attendance

Tardy employees? Not with Workument's best HR software time and attendance feature. Whether your employees are contracted, salaried, or hourly, when they punch in, you'll know it. Further, you can now give your employees the option to punch in automatically rather than manually.

Link Workuments workforce management with your payroll software to automate more of the time and attendance tasks that need your attention.

When an employee shows up late for work (or doesn't show up at all), you can track employee absences with this enterprise HR software. If an employee is taking a prolonged leave, you can note that in Workuments as well. Promote automated employee engagement and show automated messages when they clock in like birthday messages.

As expenses crop up, an HR manager can use the time and attendance product to approve of these expenses immediately. Link expenses to your workflow, set up rules for automatic approval, and accelerate the process.


Even if your employees work a standard nine-to-five schedule, the scheduling component of Workument's Enterprise HR software will still benefit your company.

You can select from up to five unique scheduling methods that manage areas such as unavailability, scheduling conflicts, leave management overlapping shifts, and overtime. Human capital management & scheduling is enhanced further when you can be instantly alerted when these conflicts arise so you can rework an employee's (or employees') schedule.

How do you resolve scheduling conflicts? Workuments has a feature that allows your employees to trade their shift times so everyone benefits. You can even establish auto-approval rules so the scheduled change can go through before or after work hours without your direct involvement.

If your company has changing employee schedules week by week, you can rely on Workuments to build workable schedules using templates.

Case Manager

The Workuments Case Manager is a hidden gem in this best HR software. Acting as an operational portal, an HR portal, and an employee portal all in one, the Case Manager features HR tasks, HR process automation, advanced reporting, workflows, and layouts. Did we mention that all of this is native within the workforce management and you have access to all the employee data?

Driven by AI, the Case Manager can work with interfaces such as Amazon AI, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and IBM Watson to do its job even more capably and provide additional analytics.

We are not aware of any human capital management system that would provide a native case manager as part of their offering. Searching within the Case Manager is about as easy as can be. Plus, if your company uses API, you can publish your data from the Case Manager with REST or SOAP.


How scalable is the solution?

This is a very important question that HR management teams should answer as they go through the selection process for their next human resource software. The workforce management solution must be flexible, agile, and let your HR team decide how the HR tool should work. Employee self service is a must for an enterprise HR software. HR department often becomes the front line for all HR related requests from every company employee.

How many employees are in your organization?

Vendors that provide enterprise HR software will ask you this question before you even see a demo of their product. Companies with over 500 employee count would be considered businesses that would benefit from enterprise HR software.

What is the number one HRIS system?

The number one HRMS software for enterprises is Workuments. This HR software solution offers complete freedom to choose how you want to run your enterprise HRIS system. Workuments will mold HR management software into what you want it to be. No limits.

What does the implementation process look like?

The implementation process for human resources management system varies depending on the customer requirements. Due to the flexibility of the system, Workuments designs the HR solution to work around customer processes rather than the other way around. Workuments starts off by collecting requirements from the customer. We then design the best solution to match the customer process. We demo the custom solution to get feedback from the customer and make any changes if needed. Finally after the customer is satisfied with the solution we deploy it for general use.

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