Gain A Competitive Advantage

Workuments for Financial Services allows firms to focus on growing their core business and build an institutional HR infrastructure around corporate culture.

While keeping world class talent management software functionality at its core, Workuments takes you to the next level and introduces concepts that make your organization competitive and ensures its long term success.

Workuments partners with financial institutions to align employee performance and organizational goals to gain a competitive edge in customer satisfaction by implementing tools such as performance management, training programs and reward programs.

Gain A Competitive Advantage
Gain A Competitive Advantage

Get Ready For Workforce 2.0

As the new generation enters the workforce, they bring a high set of expectations. Workuments was designed for the future workforce today.

+ Increase employee engagement to increase productivity, decrease turnover, and positively impact the bottom line.

+ Deliver a level of employee experience needed to succeed today and tomorrow.

+ Build an employer brand and attract talent like never before.

Portfolio Of Innovations


Start by managing your employee data the way that makes sense to your business. Add an unrivaled level of automation. Deliver an ultimate employee self service portal. Experience the new awesome. Utilize the future technology today.


Take your recruitment effort to the next level and take advantage of next generation productivity tools designed for high volume recruitment efforts and talent pool management. Understand your candidates and speed up your process like never before.

Onboarding & Training

Give your employees a warm welcome and provide them the tools to excel day one. Begin with the usual set of activities to get them started: forms, instructions, videos, tests, training, or your employee handbook. Add a touch of empowerment and employee engagement. Finish with instant results.


Upgrade your employee scheduling. Control and optimize labor costs through a highly-efficient, multilocation, enterprise solution with advanced analytics, operations management, and process automation. Embed business knowledge to empower the most optimal decision making.

Performance Management

Take charge of future performance while learning from the past. Manage goals and competencies. Deliver a highly effective feedback that has a direct impact on the bottom line. Create a culture that helps you sustain your business long term.

Time & Attendance

Reduce lawsuits with the only Time & Attendance solution in the marketplace designed to keep you safe, while increasing productivity and focusing on the bottom line. Discover what innovation truly means with the world's most configurable time and attendance system.


Extend Workuments in any way you like. Build add-ins and apps. Add capabilities. Imagine the perfect world and see it happen. Or borrow the Workuments liquid enterprise engineer to build one for you.


esign your own reports or choose from hundreds of existing ones. Tap into external datasources to generate a centralized view of your business. See individual contributions to the bottom line and link them to performance goals and compensation.

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