The Workuments HCM platform emerged out of decades of successfully meeting the complex requirements of enterprise software customers in many different areas of their business, coupled with the need to build a future-ready, supremely flexible platform for addressing their unique HR/HCM requirements as well.

Workuments has launched our HR/HCM product line with an ecosystem of world-class technical and functional professionals, and we are now ramping up this team to fully productize our HR/HCM suite.
Angela B.
Director of HRIS
2000+ employees

"The ability to flex and extend the software has been one of the biggest pros. When we started out we did not really know what we wanted and over time we have been able to conform the system to exactly what we want it to be."

Victoria G.
Regional Director of Operations
800+ employees

"I have had the privilege of being able to utilize Workuments as our HRIS system  with 2 different companies.  The customer service support is top notch. While there are many other HRIS systems out there that might look pretty, none offer the customization that Workuments has to offer."

Jennifer P.
HR Manager
4000+ employees

"Team Workuments has been very receptive to our business needs.  They are able to cater to our specific requirements while making positive recommendations timely and effectively. "

The Vision of Talent

People are not data. They make your organization tick. They make you competitive. They impact your bottom line. They are sophisticated. They require a special approach, handcrafted to the culture you want to build and organizational goals you are trying to achieve. The cookie cutter approach just won't do it. Your HR software must be elegant, flexible, share your vision, and be a perfect fit.

100 %

Haute Software

Workuments works with the most sophisticated, highly demanding
clients that don't settle for mediocrity.

Your Way

From candidate experience to managing organizational competencies, you can design the processes that work best for you.

Ultra Flexible

A truly unique design inspired by the future and implemented today. Built on top of the Zuilder™ Liquid Enterprise technology.

Optimized For Speed

Speed is critical to your business staying competitive. Workuments is designed to help you go even faster and focus on results.


Each implementation is carefully handcrafted to the unique needs of the customer, the industry, and the regulatory environment.

The Approach

Workuments is a partner, not a vendor. We make it our business to know your business. We make our success depend on yours.

Amazing Support

Workuments doesn't settle for the best. Experience the platinum concierge, a type of support you have never seen before.


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